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Baduk, Made Fun and Easy (Vol.1)

Baduk, Made Fun and Easy (Vol.1)
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Baduk, Made Fun and Easy (Vol.1)
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Chihyung Nam a professional Baduk player in Korea and professor wrote the newly published book Baduk, Made Fun and Easy to help these Baduk these foreign beginners. This book is from her popular series of articles "Baduk, Made Fun and Easy" published in The Korea Times over a year. Nam gives you great lessons from the basic of Baduk including the terms and rules to practical steps by stages. Until now, foreigners used to get some information about it from Japan, so they feel Japanese word "Go" more familiar than "Baduk" the Korean. Nam is talking about Baduk not Go now, but you can enjoy this book without confusion. Baduk fans over the world are interested in Korean Baduk, but they get few information about Baduk. They concern Korean Baduk including its term and professional player in Korea more and more. You can get not only basic Baduk rules and techniques but also Korean Baduk culture and its pleasure. You will find yourself enjoying Baduk with this easy but detailed guide and helpful color pictures.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 Comparing Baduk and Chess
Lesson 2 The Fundamentals 1
Lesson 3 The Fundamentals 2 - Territory
Lesson 4 Capturing
Lesson 5 Connecting and Cutting
Lesson 6 Efficiency of Moves
Lesson 7 Life and Death 1
Lesson 8 Life and Death 2
Lesson 9 Life and Death 3
Lesson 10 Life and Death 4
Lesson 11 Life and Death 5
Lesson 12 The Ko Rule
Lesson 13 The Value of Ko
Lesson 14 The End of the Game
Lesson 15 Connecting and Cutting
Lesson 16 Capturing Techniques 1
Lesson 17 Capturing Techniques 2
Lesson 18 Capturing Techniques 3
Lesson 19 Capturing Race
Lesson 20 The Etiquette of Baduk
Lesson 21 The Lines 1
Lesson 22 The Lines 2
Lesson 23 The Opening 1
Lesson 24 The Opening 2
Lesson 25 The Opening 3
Lesson 26 The Opening 4
Lesson 27 The Opening 5
Lesson 28 The Middle Game
Lesson 29 The Middle Game 2
Lesson 30 Attacking Techniques
Lesson 31 Shape
Lesson 32 Vital Points
Lesson 33 Vital Points of Shapes 1
Lesson 34 Vital Points of Shapes 2
Lesson 35 Sunjang Baduk
Lesson 36 Star Point Patterns
Lesson 37 3-4 Point Patterns 1
Lesson 38 3-4 Point Patterns 2
Lesson 39 3-4 Points Patterns 3
Lesson 40 4-5 and 3-5 Points Patterns
Lesson 41 Bent Four in the Corner
Lesson 42 The Differences of Rules
Lesson 43 Big Eye vs. Small Eye
Lesson 44 Professionals' Habits
Lesson 45 Strange Things Happen in the Corner
Lesson 46 Ten Golden Maxim of Baduk 1
Lesson 47 Ten Golden Maxim of Baduk 2
Lesson 48 Endgame Techniques 1
Lesson 49 Endgame Techniques 2
Lesson 50 Endgame Techniques 3
Lesson 51 Endgame Techniques 4
Lesson 52 Haengma 1
Lesson 53 Haengma 2
Lesson 54 Haengma 3
Lesson 55 Haengma 4
Lesson 56 Haengma 5
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