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Lectures on Go Techniques vol3, Cho Hun-hyeon

Lectures on Go Techniques vol3, Cho Hun-hyeon
Lectures on Go Techniques vol3, Cho Hun-hyeon
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This is the third and final installment of the best selling Cho Hun-hyeon Lectures on Go Techniques. Like the previous volumes, it includes fifty-one problems with detailed answer diagrams. Additionally, Volume Three also contains ten lessons from real games with sequences from actual professional and amateur games. Readers will find these particularly illuminating. Much is devoted to the art of attack and defense, particularly to the refined skill of playing lightly. This book brings a fitting conclusion to these lectures, with special attention to the opening and early middle game. Strong kyu and lower dan players will find this book very instructive and helpful in improving their strength.

Cho captured four major international tournaments (Ing Cup in 1988, Fujitsu Cup in 1994, Tong Yang Cup in 1994 and Chunlan Cup in 1999) and was the strongest player in the 1990's. All professionals stress the importance of basics and fundamentals, be it golf, tennis, dance, baseball, etc., and Go is no exception. In this book Cho teaches the basics and fundamentals of Go techniques which helped him to become the strongest player in the world.


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